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Read our interviews with expats who are living and working in Denmark. This small Nordic country, a kingdom actually, is steeped in tradition while being boldly modern at the same time. The castles there are the stuff that fairy tales are made of, while contemporary accomplishments in the fields of technology and the social arts are contributing even more to this nation's millennia-old known history.

Expat in Jutland

Charlie is no stranger to living as an expat in Denmark since he had already lived there some years ago. Read on to learn about the things he appreciates about living in Denmark (great health care!) as well as some of the things that tick him off.

Eve : A Canadian Transplanted in Denmark

"Denmark has a lot to offer; embrace it with a full heart and she will embrace you back." These are Canadian expat Eve's words for those new to Denmark and for those contemplating a move there. Here she shares her career plans, some aspects of her expat life in Copenhagen, and what for her are the ups and downs of living and working in Denmark.

"Blackgirl on Mars": American Expat Lesley-Ann in Denmark

What's it like for a former New Yorker to live in Denmark? American expat Lesley-Ann shares some information on aspects of her life in Copenhagen, her job, and her plans. Copenhagen is where she has been living for the past ten years, and it's a place she now gladly calls home.

An American Magpie in Copenhagen

Since moving with her family early in 2008 to Copenhagen, Denmark, American citizen Rachelle has felt the gamut of emotional, social, and cultural challenges that expat life can bring. But she also continues to experience the positive aspects of living in Denmark: the healthy way of living, new friendships with both locals and fellow expats, the excellent social benefits, and more. An American Magpie In Copenhagen

Another American in Copenhagen

American expat Lorry moved to Denmark a few months ago to live with her Danish husband and so far she's enjoying life there. She tells us about some of the things she spends her time on, like learning to speak Danish and taking in the local sights - also why it's such a great place for barefooters like her.

Read about how UK expat Aaron is adjusting to the way of life in Copenhagen, Denmark

At this point in his expat life, Aaron is still learning a lot of things about living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dealing with challenges like employment and homesickness -- and learning the language! -- is made easier with the help of his Danish girlfriend. But Aaron's life in Denmark is becoming more cohesive and he's determined to stick it out, come what may.