Czech Republic

Czeching things out

Portuguese expat António's move to the Czech Republic was largely unplanned, but he liked it enough when he first visited a few years ago to decide to live there permanently. Here he describes what he sees are the advantages of living in the city of Ostrava, where he works in the television industry, his perceptions of Czech attitudes and society, and his plans to travel the world by train. Antonio Pedro Nobre

Grant Podelco -- Expat Interview

It's been more than a decade since American expat Grant moved to Prague in the Czech Republic and as you might expect, he has more than a few interesting observations to share about living there as a foreigner. Read on to learn why he moved to Prague in the first place, his description of some of the local customs, and some of his favorite activities there. Expat life in the Czech Republic isn't a bed of roses for Grant, but there's more than enough to keep him there. Grant Podelco

American Expat Wife Living in Czech Republic

Life as an expat is an interesting experience for American woman Sher, who lives with her husband in the Czech capital city of Prague. They plan on staying there a while, so Sher is determined to learn the language, explore the country's attractions, and absorb the local culture. Prague Castle

A Danish entrepreneur in Prague

Business was the primary reason for Danish expat Michael's decision to move to the Czech Republic. But it isn't all work and no play for him and his business partner. The exuberant night life, the interesting places to see, the friends among the Czechs he has made, and the good--and cheap!--beer are some of what make living in the Czech city of Prague a worthwhile experience for him.