Living and Working in Croatia - Interviews with Expats that are Living in Croatia

What’s it like to live in a land that National Geographic named the most beautiful country in the world in 2005? The expats whose interviews we feature here tell us about Croatia’s natural attractions--which are lovelier than ever--in the years after the 1990s war. Even the locals call their country “The Beautiful.” It isn’t any wonder, then, that this country is a popular tourist destination. Read about the experiences of expatriates in Croatia and learn from tips they give on topics like getting a job, finding housing, and speaking the language.

Danish expat family living in Croatia

Originally from Denmark, Morten has been living in various countries for the past 15 years, the last three in Split, Croatia. Read on to learn why this Danish expat and his family moved to Croatia, what they like about living there, and the businesses they are running there.

American expat Matt is relishing the local culture in Zagreb, Croatia

"It's pretty great here," is how Matt sums up his feelings about living in Zagreb, Croatia. He describes some of the challenges of setting up a business there, compares some aspects of local living to those of his homeland, the USA, and gives some tips on adapting to Croatian culture.

American teacher Fred’s expat life experiences in Zagreb, Croatia