Living and Working in China - Expats in China

Here you will find interviews we've done with expats who are living in China, a land with one of the longest histories of rich culture and tradition. Learn about the steps they took to move there and read about their thoughts on what it takes to live there and their observations on the local way of life.

These expats are firsthand witnesses to how this ancient nation and her people are establishing their place in today's modern world.

Dalian, China - Can You Put Up with All of the Bad for a Little Bit of the Good?

Being a foreigner who lives and works in China can have its ups and downs, as American expat J.D. can tell you. Read on for his take on what life is like for him in Dalian, his impressions about the people, the culture, and aspects of everyday life, and decide for yourself -- as he advises -- whether the good outweighs the bad. J.D. at Labor Park in Dalian

Internship in China

Hasan's stay in China, brief as it may be, has been full of exciting experiences so far. Going to China is a decision he doesn't regret making. Here he talks about how he came to be in China in the first place, his thoughts on speaking the local language, and other aspects of his life as a transient expat in China.

A mission to make learning modern and personal for the Asian region: Interview with Australian expat Paul in Hong Kong

Education and technology are two of Australian expat Paul's passions. They form a large part of his life in Hong Kong, where he has been living for more than four years now. Read on for his take on expat life in this bustling Southeast Asian metropolis and his thoughts on the educational system. Paul's Pic

Ghost woman in Hong Kong

Originally from South Africa, "Gweipo" has been living in other countries for more than a decade, and presently calls Hong Kong in China "home." Here she describes her family life in this bustling Chinese metropolis, shares what it's like for her as an expat to live in Hong Kong, and gives some helpful tips on adjusting better to the local life and culture.

An American Artist in Hong Kong

American expat Elizabeth is no newbie when it comes to the Asian way of life, having lived in Cambodia for some time before moving with her husband to Hong Kong, China. A writer-illustrator, she shares with us some of her expat experiences in Hong Kong, such as the survival skills she's learned, and her "cheap-and-cheerful" spending habits in her Hong Kong island home. Elizabeth Briel

Expat Jazz in China

Josh is a young American expat who has been living in Chengdu, China for the past year. His desire for excitement after school led him to China, where he now performs and teaches jazz. Josh shares some aspects of his expat life in China, including why he thinks it's important to speak the local language and what he thinks are the positives and negatives of living in the Middle Kingdom.

Exploring life in Beijing, China

American woman Lee has dreamed of living in China since she was a little girl, and that dream is on its way to becoming reality. She now lives in Beijing and though she'll be going back home soon, she's hopeful of finding opportunities that will enable her to visit China regularly or to stay there permanently. Here she describes life as an expat in Beijing and shares tips on living in China.

Young German woman amongst Chinese in a man's world in Shanghai

German expat Carola has been living in China since 2003 and has learned quite a lot about the local language and culture. Here she describes her experiences as a foreigner in the city of Shanghai, her observations of the city and its people, and gives some advice about what to consider when planning a move to China.

Beijing for Beginners: An Irishman in the People's Republic

Beijing may have its quirks, but Irish expat Gary still finds that living there can be a fascinating experience. This teacher-writer describes why he and his girlfriend decided to move to China and their experiences living as foreigners in a non-tourist area of Beijing. Gary Finnegan

Belgian expat Kristof in China: The jungle - back to basics...

Originally from Belgium, Kristof found himself deciding to move to and live in China because of its expanding economy. Here he tells us what he likes and dislikes so far about living in China, and gives a few tips on the things to consider before moving there.