Living and Working in Belgium - Interviews with Expats Living in Belgium

Find out what expats have to say about living in Belgium, reputed to be the source of the best chocolate in the world. The ages-old rivalry between the Flemish and the Walloons is just one of the things that make life here so fascinating. The summers are pleasant, works of art abound, and for beer lovers, Belgium is a splendid place to be.

A Chilean Expat Living in Belgium

It has been more than five years since Leylandra left her home in Chile to move to Belgium, where she now lives and works in the city of Leuven with her husband. Her desire to live and work in an international setting is being fulfilled as she has made friends with many other expats as well as Belgians. Here she describes how learning French and English has been good for her job and everyday life, the cost of some goods, and what she thinks about some aspects of Belgian behavior.

Brussels, Je T'Aime

"I love you, Brussels" pretty much sums up what American expat Jodi feels about living in Belgium's capital city. The hassle she underwent getting her visa doesn't seem to have dampened her exuberance for life in Brussels, as you may see when you read about what she has to say about the locals, the language, and living and working in Europe.

An English Expat Exploring Every Corner of Belgium

Getting out of the comfort zone is something this British expat experienced by moving to Belgium, and experiences in the expatriate life continue for her and her partner in the town of Arlon. Here she talks about her efforts to learn French, the cost of living there, and her plans to go expatting somewhere else next time.

Living the Expat Life in Brussels, Belgium

Chocolate and beer -- those are just two of the things that make living in Brussels, Belgium, such a delightful experience for American expat Brody. There are, of course, some negatives, but Brody keeps herself too busy to pay much attention to them: she teaches, blogs, runs, cooks, and generally enjoys living the expat life with her husband and their cats.

Howdy from Hasselt! New Yorker Bradley reveals his humour-filled version of expat life in Belgium

American expat Bradley's refreshing sense of humour comes across most pleasantly in this interview, at the same time sharing information that could be very helpful to those planning on relocating to Belgium. Here he talks about things like how he came to be living in Belgium, his thoughts on the locals, and why it probably isn't a good idea to try all the beers Belgium has to offer.

Mussels from Brussels ... with frites and Belgian beer

Many expats in Belgium, including Andreea of Romania, agree that the food and drink are among the best things about living in Belgium. Andreea tells us a bit more about what else she likes about living in Brussels, which she treats as her second home, and shares a few tips on enjoying life there.

New Zealander Di's take on moving to and living in Belgium