Expatriate Entrepreneur on Living and Working in Bangkok for a Decade

A sense of humor, a good head for business, and an appreciation of learning and travel are some of the things that German-born Karsten brought with him to Thailand in 2006. Read his interview for tips on moving to Bangkok, observing (or not) the local customs, and the cost of living in the Land of Smiles.

My Life in The Philippines: American Expat Bud's Story in Cebu

American expat Bud has only been living full-time in the Philippines for more than a year, but is already very familiar with the country's customs, culture and languages from previous visits, and from being married to a Filipina for forty years already. Here he talks about his life in Dalaguete on the southern island of Cebu, and shares some tips on what to keep in mind for those considering a move to the Philippines. 

Out and about in Tokyo: A Canadian Expat's Thoughts about Living in Japan

Learning about the way of life in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo is something that Canadian expat Jason is intent on doing. He and his partner have been living and working there for almost a year already, and though some things take getting used to, there is much of the city and its people that he fell in love with.

An American Expat Taking It Easy in the Philippines

Joseph is an American expat who has been living in Tacloban City in the Philippines for a year now. Read on to learn about some of what he thinks about living there, his observations about the people, and a tip or two about adjusting to the local way of living.

Dalian, China - Can You Put Up with All of the Bad for a Little Bit of the Good?

Being a foreigner who lives and works in China can have its ups and downs, as American expat J.D. can tell you. Read on for his take on what life is like for him in Dalian, his impressions about the people, the culture, and aspects of everyday life, and decide for yourself -- as he advises -- whether the good outweighs the bad. J.D. at Labor Park in Dalian

I landed here for six months, six years ago... A French Expat's Experience in Malaysia

French expat Jacques' motto "Seize the day" may have been instrumental in his decision to move from Europe to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, where he has been living for more than six years now. What does he think about the culture, the people, the cost of living in Malaysia? Read on to find out.

Bryan Norman: From Curaçao to Singapore

Originally from the Netherlands Antilles, Bryan lived for four years in Singapore when he was a teenager and moved back to live there again when he was in his twenties. The climate, the people, the proximity to places where there are many interesting things to do are some of the reasons why this expat plans to stay as long as he can in Singapore.

Another Day in Paradise - An Australian Expat in Bali

Running a small hotel with his wife, enjoying the sea, sand and the friendliness of the locals are some of the things that Australian expat Mike has been doing in the vacation paradise of Bali since he started living in Indonesia. If you have never been to Indonesia come to enjoy this paradise of beautiful beaches and a laid-back life style that will convince you to stay. If you have already made up your mind and are planning on moving to Bali, be sure to read Mike's story for some helpful tips and insights. An expat in Bali

An American twenty-something businesswoman/shutterbug in Kyrgyzstan

Many of the locals were shocked that American expat Kirstin and her husband would want to move to a country like Kyrgyzstan. But move there they did, almost a year ago. Read on to learn about the business they put up, Kirstin's observations about the people and the cost of living, and why she thinks the place is a photographer's dream!

A Texan's Life in the Philippines

American expat John, who hails from Texas, is adjusting to life in the Philippines since he moved there in 2010. Here he presents his observations about life there so far, and gives advice on things to consider or watch out for that others who are considering moving to the islands might find helpful.