Expats in Argentina - Interviews With People Living And Working In Argentina

Here you will discover what expats in Argentina have to say about life in a land where the atmosphere is laid-back and the people are urbane and fun-loving. Travelers to this popular South American country will find that there's something to please everyone in Argentina -- whether it's sports, natural attractions, food, or just about anything else in between.

Family Sells Everything and Runs Away to Buenos Aires

What's it like for an American family of four to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Expats Michele and Tom have been living there with their two young daughters, and here they describe why they moved to Argentina, the adjustments their family has had to make to conform to local practices, and what they love the most (and the least) about living in Buenos Aires.

A Tango with Taxi Drivers in Argentina

A country that arouses her passions - that's how American expat Layne describes Argentina, where she's been living for more than three years already. Here she talks about her work as a freelance writer, the unusual method she uses to taste various cuisines in Buenos Aires, and her suggestions about how to approach Argentine life and culture.

Enda Carey: Irish Expat in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Irish expat Enda Carey left a career in banking to indulge his passion for travel, something he and his wife have been doing extensively since moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here he shares information on what it's like to live in Buenos Aires, his favorite activities, the prices of some of the local goods, and his observations about how certain things are done there.

Evan Kubitschek: An American Expat Living and Working in Argentina

American expat Evan's expedition to South American landed him in Buenos Aires, Argentina - and he's loving every minute of it there. The minor inconveniences he encounters in no way detract from the pleasure he derives from living and working in BA, where he's content learning the language, writing, and living life. Read on for snippets of this young American teacher/travel writer's expat life in Argentina, and his tips for those of you who might be considering moving to Argentina.

Broken Pieces = A Whole World

Jackson, an American expat living in Buenos Aires, doesn't regret moving from Chicago to Argentina for a second, especially since he's found so much energy, so many broken streets and so much material to put in his second novel. Jacskon lives with his girlfriend in Capital Federal, where he teaches English and does translation work. Read this US expat's witty perspective on life in Argentina, learn more about their short-term plans and find outwhat he really thinks about porteños.

American expat Jonathan's life and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jonathan is an American expat living with his girlfriend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he runs an online tutorial business. Jonathan describes some of his expat experiences in Argentina's capital and shares some helpful tips on things like learning to speak Argentine Spanish and consumer items someone planning to move there would be wise to bring along.

Jon Harada

Tina Tangos living in Buenos Aires as a freelance translator

Buenos Aires charmed American expat Tina so much that what was only supposed to be a short vacation turned into a decision to live and work - and dance! - there...for the time being, at least. Tina shares what she enjoys about everyday life in Argentina's capital city and offers some tips on adjusting to the local culture.

Tangocherie in Buenos Aires

American woman Cherie has been living in Argentina for nearly four years now, where she works as a tango instructor and writer in Buenos Aires. Read about her thoughts on various aspects of the everyday culture of this Argentine city and learn from tips she shares, not only on living in Buenos Aires, but on living in another country and making the most of the experience.

German expat Coog's early weeks of living in Argentina

There are many reasons why Coog finds it ideal living in Buenos Aires, Argentina: the laid-back attitude of the people and the weather are just two of them. This German expat shares her thoughts about expat life in general (such as the importance of learning the local language) and some of her early experiences as an expat in Argentina (including some of her interactions with the locals and favorite things to do in the city).