Trevor, Polak Extraordinaire

Living in Poland was a very challenging experience in quite a few ways for Irishman Trevor. He's back home in Ireland now, but plans on going back to Poland soon. Here he talks about what he liked and disliked about living in Poland, and some of the things he wishes he had done differently. He also gives advice on what to keep in mind before moving to Poland. Trevor O'Donnell

Wannabe Pole attempting to polish his Polish

Shaun moved from Ireland to Nowa Huta, Poland, where he works as a teacher. Take a look below at bits and pieces of his expat life in Poland, his immersion into the local culture, his thoughts about the Poles, and his appreciation of the simple way of life.

Tales of an Englishman: John's experiences and thoughts on living and working in Poland

It's been nearly a year since John moved from England to Poland, where he lives with his girlfriend and works as an English teacher. Here he gives information on finding a job (which is especially useful for native speakers of English), shares his observations on Polish attitudes and behavior, and talks about not losing hold on his roots even as he absorbs the culture in Szklarska Poreba and elsewhere in Poland.