Heart of Europe: Living and Working in Austria

Originally from the United States, Robert is no stranger to expat life in Europe, having lived earlier in countries that include Germany, Italy, and Sweden. Now he lives and works in Austria, where he enjoys much of the country's sights and culture. Here, Robert shares aspects of his life in a Tirolean village, his future plans with his family, and his recommendations about moving to Austria.

Four years in Salzburg: A Spaniard living in Austria

Spanish expat Tonicito tells us some of his experiences and thoughts about the four years he's been living and working in Austria. He shares a number of the things that he and his girlfriend (also a Spanish expat) love doing in Salzburg, the cost of living there, and his observations about Austrian attitudes.

A Spaniard living in Austria

Spanish expat Paco has been living in Vienna, Austria, for more than two years, and in his own words, he's doing so very happily. That isn't to say his expat experience is perfect, but it has been mostly positive. Paco shares his thoughts about living in Vienna, the Austrian people, how his life in Austria differs from his life in Spain, and the importance of learning to speak German.

Filipina expat Melancolia talks about what it’s like for her to live in Vienna, Austria

The weather isn’t the only thing that Filipina expat Melancolia had to adjust to when she moved from the Philippines to Austria in 2001. She also had to learn the language, become acquainted with the local customs, and adapt to Austrian behavior. However, the positive aspects of living in Austria are experiences that she relishes.

American expat Pam and her husband divide their time between Aigen, Austria, and the USA

Pam is an American freelance writer who maintains two homes: one in the USA and one in Aigen, Austria. Living in Austria, her husband’s homeland, is a lesson in the vast differences between American and Austrian life. Read her interview for some tips on finding a job and her observations on the clash between the old and the new – among others - in this European country.