Dubai Environmental Jobs - Your Guide to Environmental Jobs in Dubai

The environmental movement has long outgrown its image of being made up by just tree-huggers and the like. Today, if your professional knowledge and expertise is coupled with environmental awareness and protection, your chances for greatly improving your career are heightened. Dubai environmental jobs and similar options in other rapidly developing areas around the world could be very lucrative and fulfilling job opportunities for you.

Five Top Green-Collar Jobs Overseas

1. Environmental health jobs in Dubai. Positions like these usually look for a candidate who can create or enhance the areas and spaces where people work, play, and live. The successful applicant is required to maintain and promote his or her employer's environmental management system according to certain specifications. Knowledge of sustainable development practices, environmental impact assessment, and environmental management planning are preferred. Of course, familiarity with the UAE's regulations about green building and other environment-related issues are a significant plus.

2. Public health engineering jobs. These are offered in many industries, particularly in construction. Since there's always ongoing construction work in Dubai, it isn't surprising that this kind of job opportunity is always present. If you have a degree in environmental science or environmental engineering and if you are experienced in the fields of sustainable development and environmental monitoring, then this is one environmental employment option for you in Dubai.

3. Energy systems managers. In Dubai as in other major cities around the world, there are private and public interests in making sure that structures and establishments minimize the waste they produce. These green-collar managers are responsible for the quality of air inside buildings, and for coming up with an effective plan to reduce a building's energy consumption.

4. Geotechnical engineers. If you have ample experience in geotechnical engineering, particularly in the area of high-rise buildings and other projects, then you could probably find your skills in popular demand in Dubai. Some job listings specify preference for significant experience and skills in project and staff management, as well as a master's degree or PhD.

5. Architects specializing in sustainable design. There have been calls for Dubai to focus on sustainable energy modelling, and efforts have been made to heed those calls. For instance, there have been proposals for using wind turbines to power skyscrapers and to utilize climate-sensitive architecture to harmonize with the region's environment. In the USA, net sales of the green building industry has been increasing steadily. Similar outlooks are expected for Dubai. You should possess a degree in architecture as well as have significant experience in sustainable design and development.

There are many online job recruiters that feature these and other Dubai environmental jobs. Browse sites like,, and to find out specific requirements as well as possible compensation packages. You can upload your CV to those sites, and they will let you know whether or not you are suited for the job you want.

The construction industry of the UAE, particularly in Dubai, looks like it will continue its boom for many years to come, giving rise to many employment opportunities for construction jobs and engineering jobs in Dubai. As you can probably gather, Dubai environmental jobs will continue to be plentiful too, as long as there's construction and re-construction going on. With the right professional background and experience, you too can be one of the hundreds of thousands of expat workers who call Dubai their workplace and who have had great career boosts from working there.